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- 10/07/2017: A new compilation of RMCA Pro 4.2.8 has been released:

This upload fixes some minor bugs. 

- 09/03/2017: RMCA Pro version 4.2.8 is available for download:

This version includes many internal improvements. In addition, some new features have been integrated, for example: 

  • An extended Songlist window with the option of automatically generating up to 50 songs with the current settings of the Song Creator and saving them in the Songs directory ("Windows / Songlist").
  • A session mode to determine how often songs are to be repeated. Then they will be played one after the other ("Options / Session mode").
  • A new window for defining MIDI commands sent via a separate MIDI out-port and controlled by the numeric keypad ("Windows / MIDI Commands"). Very useful, if you have connected RMCA Pro with a DAW.
  • An advanced editor sub-menu with functions to automatically equip a song with program change commands or other MIDI commands ("Windows / Editor" -> "Set Chord & Style").

- 05/04/2017: A new compilation of RMCA Pro 4.2.7 has been released:

This version offers a new function for creating songs, called "Use mixed common chord progressions". This function can be started in the "Songs" tab or via clicking on the label "Click here to generate randomly mixed common chord progressions" in the "Chord view" window. Try it and have fun!

- 04/11/2017: A new version of RMCA Pro 4.2.7 has been uploaded:

This compilation comes with more variations and improvements in random song creation and more of the most common chord progressions and additional functions for the style playlist manager.

- 01/29/2017: A new version of RMCA Pro 4.2.7 has been released:

RMCA Pro version offers "re-channelizing" for GM instrument groups (guitars, basses, pianos, organs ...) and for all MIDI channels. This is a "must have" for any serious RMCA Pro user and very useful, if you want to connect RMCA Pro with a DAW or with an external MIDI module. Simply select from RMCA Pro's main menu: "Windows / MIDI Channels".

Registered users should update their version by selecting "Help / Check for an update" from RMCA Pro's main menu.

- 01/06/2017: Video clips and more ...

A new compilation of RMCA Pro was uploaded. In addition, 5 video clips were released to help interested newcomers and active users to better understand the main features of the software.

The video clips cover the following topics:

  • What happens at the first program start ?
  • How to create a backing track for practicing or jamming ?
  • How to enter the practice mode with chord preview and let RMCA Pro create tasteful jam tracks ?
  • How to record a chord sequence by using the virtual MIDI keyboard and save it as an arrangement ?
  • How to create a "quick style" from a small MIDI snippet and test it with the virtual keyboard ?

- 11/23/2016: A new version of RMCA Pro 4.2.7 has been uploaded:

Many improvements and some minor bug fixes were made. The chordprogressions generator was enhanced and offers now among other things a new function that builds backing tracks in each key from some of the most common chord progressions (select from RMCA Pro's main menu: File/Create song ... )

50's Progression
Pachelbel's Canon
Circle progression 2
Circle Progression
Ragtime Progression
Eight-bar blues
ii-V-I Turnaround
Andalusian cadence
V-IV-I Turnaround
Progression I-V
Backdoor pogr.
"Hotel C."

- 10/08/2016: RMCA Pro version 4.2.7 has been released:

This version comes with new functions, some enhancements, many improvements and a few minor bugfixes. It offers colored panels (View/Panel colors ...), a practice button with submenu, a reset function (Help/Reset RMCA Pro), an option for moving bass tracks to MIDI channel 11 (Options/Style, Intro & Ending/Bass on channel 11, very useful when mixing). Furthermore this version offers an extended batch processor (Creator/Step by Step/4. Batch processor) for converting and checking styles, as well as adding styles to a style playlist. The style playlist manager (Windows/Style-Playlist) now has additional menu functions and an enhanced search mode. Registered users should select "Help/Check for an update" from RMCA Pro's main menu or use their registration instructions.

- 09/11/2016: A new version of RMCA Pro 4.2.6 has been uploaded:

The current version of RMCA Pro offers practice modes especially for guitar players and bass players, by using muting options, the chord preview mode and the random autoplay function with its chord progressions random generator. Simply select from the main menu: Help / Practice modes ... and make your choice. In addition a triad chord mode, some enhancements, some minor bug fixes and a few improvements were made.

With this upload registered users can easily check online for new program versions (main menu / Help / Check for an update).

- 06/04/2016: A new version of RMCA Pro 4.2.6 has been uploaded:

Various improvements, especially with a view to the chord progressions function and the newly included chord progressions random generator; depending on various options it randomly chooses matching chords; a new window displays the chords and (when they were generated randomly) the keys in large letters. So, using the chordpreview option, it makes a lot of fun to jam with RMCA Pro and to practice rhythm and soloing with a GUITAR, a BASS or another instrument in each key - a very special karaoke experience! And for practicing BASS, the bass-tracks of each style can be muted via one mouse-click. Or use the keys "QWERTY ..." and "ZXCVB ..." of your computer keyboard for soloing and have fun!

- 05/04/2016: A new version of RMCA Pro has been uploaded:

Many enhancements and additional features; built-in music theory (circle of fifths, modes); direct import / direct playback of most of the free downloadable ten thousand styles for YAMAHA® arranger keyboards; Registered users can upgrade simply by using their registration instructions.


Tips, Tricks and Links

Some useful keyboard shortcuts for working with chord progressions:

While playing:

  • F12: Create a completely new random song
  • F11: Create a new song, using the entries of the Song-Creator window
  • F10: Stop playing the current song
  • F9  : Save automatically the current song under a special name
  • F8  : Add the current style to the "...\RMCA\StyleFavorites.sea" list
While not playing:
  • Shift + cursor right: Create a completely new random song
  • Shift + cursor left  : Create a new song, using the entries of the Song-Creator window
  • F10: Start playing the current song

How to use styles for YAMAHA® arranger keyboards with RMCA Pro:

RMCA Pro since 04/2016 imports and processes styles for YAMAHA® arranger keyboards. Thousands of those styles with the extensions *.sty, *.psr, *.bcc and more are available on internet for free download. However, since these styles are made for many different keyboards with many different specifications and voices, it is recommended to convert them first with Michael P. Bedesem's fantastic MIDIPlayer into General MIDI format. To do this ...

  • Simply select in the player's setup section GM Sound Card (or XG Sound Card) as instrument and GM (or XG) as voice, if you want to use YAMAHA® styles with your PC.
  • Add (lots of) style files and let them be converted automatically in batch mode in no time. 
  • Within RMCA Pro, once you have loaded a style, you can combine its main parts, fills, intros and endings as you wish.
  • However, if you want to get out the whole potential of your work within RMCA Pro you must save your variations-sets as rcs-styles. Please note: Created styles can either be saved as *.rcs files (RMCA Pro's own style format) or as *.mid files (MIDI files), NOT as e.g. *.psr or *.sty files (YAMAHA®'s style formats).
  • To convert an entire *. sty styles directory to the *.rcs format with up to 6 different *.rcs styles of each *.sty style, you can use RMCA Pro's batch processor. It can be found in the main menu under "Windows / Style-Creator -> Step by Step / 4. Batch processor". Specify an output directory and pay attention to your further entries. It is recommended to make a backup first.

How to decrease dramatically latency problem by replacing the MS GS Wavetable Synth:

  • Download "VirtualMIDISynth" from CoolSoft (or look up the name in a search engine)
  • Download one of the free sound fonts, suggested on their page (tip: Arachno SoundFont !)
  • Install "VirtualMIDIsynth" and configure it as follows: 
       - make it the default MIDI device
       - add the soundfont you just downloaded to it
  • In the advanced options tab reduce the additional output buffer. Try to reduce it near to zero!
  • Run RMCA Pro or MAAS, select "VirtualMIDISynth" as MIDI-output and enjoy playing nearly lag-free!

How to connect RMCA Pro or MAAS with a DAW:

  • Install LoopMIDI, a virtual loopback MIDI cable for Windows® XP up to Windows® 8, 32 and 64 bit, from http://www.tobias-erichsen.de/software/loopmidi.html (or look up the name in a search engine)
  • Configure 2 virtual MIDI-ports (e.g. loopMidiPort 1 and LoopMidiPort 2)
  • Run RMCA Pro or MAAS and select "loopMidiPort 2" as MIDI-output
  • Connect your MIDI-keyboard or your MIDI-controller with RMCA Pro or MAAS via MIDI-input
  • Run your DAW and select within one or more track(s) "loopMidiPort 2" as MIDI-Input.

How to get more information about MIDI, styles and MIDI-software:

  • Musicians should enter Harmony Central® and ...
  • The PSR Tutorial is for owners of YAMAHA® arranger keyboards. You will find useful information in the hundreds of pages and tens of thousands of styles available for download. 
  • Synth Zone is an attempt to ease the search for synthesizer & electronic music production resources.
  • Pay a visit to MIDIWORLD.COM 



  • RMCA Pro:
  • MAAS:

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 RMCA Pro audio & video clips 

RMCA Pro and MAAS are particularly suitable for creating
backing tracks in a few minutes and jamming along to them.

Example 1 Ballad in Bb-major/G-minor   -   RMCA Pro + Guitar Modeling (recorded live, MP3)


Example 2:  Blues/Rock in Bb-major   -   RMCA Pro + Guitar Synth & Modeling (recorded live, MP3)


Example 3:  Slow Blues in A-minor   -   RMCA Pro + Guitar Synth & Modeling (recorded live, MP3)


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