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RMCA Pro Audio & Video Clips

A) Audio Clips

To get an impression of RCS-styles and the possibilities of automatically created random chord progressions (backing tracks or jam tracks), please listen to the following mp3 audio medleys and take a look at video 3.

The first audio track was recorded in just one piece ("live" without any rework), simply by using RMCA Pro's /Jam partner' s random autoplay function with its chord progressions random generator and 3 fingers for the organ soli on the computer keyboard (keys: QWERTY... , ZXCVBN...).

Medley no. 1 (19:43 min)    

The specifications of the Song-Creator window were ...

  •  Each created song should have 32 measures
  •  Randomly choose style before creating chords
  •  Randomly choose key before creating chords
  •  Use only major, minor & sus chords (without 7th chords)
  •  Use only 1 major key and its relative minor key.

The second audio track was also recorded in one piece and in the same way, however without organ soli and now all possible chords including 7th, add9, dim etc. were used for random backing track creation.

Medley no. 2 (16:19 min)    

The third audio track was also recorded in one piece however by using "mixed common chord progressions". This function can be started in the "Songs" tab or via clicking on the label "Click here to generate randomly mixed common chord progressions" in the "Chord view" window.

Medley no. 3 (14:11 min)       

The fourth audio track was created in 2016 from "live snippets" of a "laid back" jam session using RMCA's/Jam partner's chord progressions random generator and its 3/4 measure chord preview function in practice mode (s.a. video 3).

Medley no. 4 (7:42 min)       

B) Video Clips

The first example of the musical use of RMCA Pro is an approx. 15-minute slide show about the city "Liverpool" and the "beginnings" of the so-called "Beat music" as well as about the exhibition "The Beatles Story" there.


The second example is a short slide show of about 3 minutes concerning beaches and boats in France at the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean as well as in Barcelona/Spain.

 Boats & Beaches

The following five video clips were released to help interested newcomers and active users to better understand the main features of the software. They cover the following topics:

  • What happens at the first program start ?
  • How to create a backing track for practicing or jamming ?
  • How to enter the practice mode with chord preview and let RMCA Pro create jam tracks ?
  • How to record a chord sequence by using the virtual MIDI keyboard and save it as an arrangement ?
  • How to create a "quick style" from a small MIDI snippet and test it with the virtual keyboard ?

 Personal: About me and RMCA Pro


 RMCA Pro audio & video clips 

RMCA Pro, Jam partner and MAAS are particularly suitable for creating
backing tracks in a few minutes and jamming along to them.

Example 1:  Ballad in Bb-major/G-minor   -   RMCA Pro + Guitar Modeling (recorded live in 2015, MP3)


Example 2:  Blues/Rock in Bb-major   -   RMCA Pro + Guitar Synth & Modeling (recorded live in 2015, MP3)


Example 3:  Slow Blues in A-minor   -   RMCA Pro + Guitar Synth & Modeling (recorded live in 2015, MP3) 

   More examples:  RMCA Pro + Guitar Synth & Modeling
(33 MP3-tracks, recorded live in 2018)

Track01      Track02      Track03      Track04      Track05
Track06      Track07      Track08      Track09      Track10
Track11      Track12      Track13      Track14      Track15
Track16      Track17      Track18      Track19      Track20
Track21      Track22      Track23      Track24      Track25
Track26      Track27      Track28      Track29      Track30
Track31      Track32      Track33

   My own private playlist: 66 instrumental
tracks, recorded live and modern mastered

( - ???  Usable for Windows system users only  ???)

Important noteUsers of other operating systems need
perhaps an "MP3-player"
 that can handle *.m3u files (playlists),
such as for Apple users for example "Foobar2000" or "VCL media player".
In the corresponding 
players - at the configuration line
provided for it in the settings, 
e.g. under "Play location" at
"Foobar2000" or for execution with a 
suitable Internet browser the
following case-sensitive entry must be made or 
taken over by "copy & paste":


or Click herefor all tracks.

 The "special thing" about all my music files - some of which were created more
than 15 years ago - is that they are "mastered" in an optimal and modern way.
This applies to the uniform sound, regardless of when and how the recordings
were made, as well as to the frequency response, dynamics, volume and sound,
which is now essentially optimized over all years of creation and independent of
the instruments and technical possibilities used, and which corresponds to the
so-called "industry standard" (e.g. for studio recordings of drums, guitars etc.).

  Another special feature is that no permanently installed Internet connection is

required to play the music files. The files have been stored online in a format that
   allows them to be "streamed" "outdoors" as "mobile data" using e.g. LTE
(Long Term Evolution). With the cellular network, mobile data can be
transmitted in greater quantities and at higher speeds over the air interface.
Please activate your network for mobile data playback and start the playlist


in your mp3 player or within your internet browser.

Click hereif you would like to see how to order easyly an XDigits MIDI Auto-Accompaniment System.

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