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RMCA Realtime MIDI Chord Arranger Pro and MIDI Auto Accompaniment Section are Shareware, please copy and distribute them freely.

If you would like to see in different languages how to register the software online ...

Click here if you want to order RMCA Pro via Share-It! (Fee: US$ 55.00)

Click here if you want to order Portable RMCA Pro via Share-It! (Fee: US$ 55.00)

Click here if you want to order MIDI Auto Accompaniment Section via Share-It! (Fee: US$ 6.95)

You can get a license code and additional registration instructions immediately. The Share-it! company holds a VeriSign certificate for secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) transactions. The corresponding web sites encrypt all transmitted data according to secure HTTP protocol. Within minutes - as soon as your (credit card) payment was approved - you will receive an e-mail with ... 

  • payment details and an invoice for your accounting
  • your license code and additional registration instructions 


  • RMCA Pro:
  • MAAS:

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and receive commission for each sale of RMCA Pro or MAAS via your website, your blog or other advice.

 RMCA Pro audio & video clips 

RMCA Pro and MAAS are particularly suitable for creating
backing tracks in a few minutes and jamming along to them.

Example 1 Ballad in Bb-major/G-minor   -   RMCA Pro + Guitar Modeling (recorded live, MP3)


Example 2:  Blues/Rock in Bb-major   -   RMCA Pro + Guitar Synth & Modeling (recorded live, MP3)


Example 3:  Slow Blues in A-minor   -   RMCA Pro + Guitar Synth & Modeling (recorded live, MP3)


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